Burt Weissbourd

Danger in Plain Sight

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For readers who love LEE CHILD and STIEG LARSSON -- get ready for the AMAZON #1 BESTSELLING story of Callie James. It took fourteen years to construct a safe world for her and her son and only one night for her ex to unravel it. Callie has no choice but to join forces with an unlikely, incompatible ally to save her ex, her restaurant, and ultimately, her own life.

Celebrated Seattle restaurateur Callie James is more than a little thrown when her ex-husband, French investigative reporter Daniel Odile-Grand, shows up after fourteen years asking for her help.

Even more disturbing: as she throws him out, Daniel is deliberately hit by a car, hurled through the front window of her restaurant -- broken, bloody and unconscious. He flees from the hospital and breaks into Callie's apartment, where he passes out. Reluctantly, Callie hides him. When she gets back to her restaurant, two assassins walk in, insisting that she find Daniel for them by tonight or pay the consequences.

Overwhelmed and hopelessly out of her depth, Callie hires the only man she knows who can help her: Cash Logan, her former bartender, a man she had arrested for smuggling ivory through her restaurant two years earlier, and who still hasn't forgiven her.

The assassins blow up her restaurant. It's Callie's nightmare. And the worst is yet to come as she and her unlikely, incompatible ally discover that the most perilous dangers are far closer to home than they'd imagined.



“His skill as a writer is obvious and there’s a level of polish present in these pages you don’t find with less experienced authors” 

– Hollywood Digest

“One of the most accomplished elements of this highly entertaining novel is the way that the action hinges on the emotional and interpersonal arc of the story rather than the plot twists themselves.” 

– Reader’s Favorite

“An inventive thriller whose unconventional heroine learns how to live again.” 

– Foreword Clarion Review

“… an entertaining and fast paced reading experience that should bring Weissbourd considerable notice and plenty of new fans.” 

– Too Much Love